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Only 10 minutes from Raleigh and Cary for a high quality, friendly service collision repair specialist.  Raleigh and Cary customers can enjoy the best kept secret in Apex NC.

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Collision repair body shop for Apex and Cary NC.   919.363.7995


Building Trust

How can you be sure you’re getting everything you paid for in a body shop?.  Getting an estimate can be a confusing process, particularly if it’s your first time dealing with the Insurance company or a Body Shop.  We use the same software as your Insurance company when estimating the charges, this helps you understand that we are charging for only the operations we perform.  We can also work from your Insurance companies estimate.

Using software helps you, the Insurance company and the Body shop stay on the same page and keep you in the information loop.  Reading an estimate can be a confusing ordeal as well, stop by the shop and let us explain the process, explain what your estimate actually says in layman's terms and eliminate the confusion.

What you may see on your estimate?:

R/I =  This abbreviation is used frequently.  It means - Remove / Install item or Remove and Reinstall an item.  This term is typically used when parts or panels have to be removed to access a damage item or related part.

Rpr, Rplc, Recy are all abbreviations that you may find on your estimate.


What’s that little (*) mean anyway?

Bring you Insurance companies provided estimate to the shop, let us explain it in a way you will understand.

Understanding the process and what your estimate actually says is important.  The language used may be foreign to you, but its purpose is to keep the estimate brief and compatible with computer languages.

Contact us, we can help…

We earn your trust by keeping a history of good reviews

Taking care of you just like we took care of our other customers that came before you is how we maintain the trust of our customers.

We understand we are sending you home with your repaired care and our reputation in your hands.