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Only 10 minutes from Raleigh and Cary for a high quality, friendly service collision repair specialist.  Raleigh and Cary customers can enjoy the best kept secret in Apex NC.

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Collision repair body shop for Apex and Cary NC.   919.363.7995


Lite Restoration Work vs Frame Off

What is the difference?

A Lite Restoration project would be a car without major degradation over years of abuse or something not stored properly.

Anything not damage from age to a point where the body has to be lifted off the frame of the car.

A Frame Off Restoration is a term used to describe a complete disassembly of the entire car, it’s documented, good parts are stored and worn parts are replaced with new.  Because we specialist in collision repair, we just dont have the square footage required for restoration to sit and collect dust.

The best way to explain “Lite Restoration” is to high lite a scenario of a customer who would best benefit from it.

Mustang, Camaro, Charger, Porsche, Mercedes of a model year that may not be currently a classic but in a few years, it will be entering into the status of Classic.  Recently the 80’s Mustangs and Trans Am’s have Entered into this Classic category.

Lets say the car has rust, frame is good, parts to be replaced wont require 2 months of Google searches and 3 trade shows to locate parts and the car has not been painted 9 times over the years.  The car described here would be a good candidate for a Lite Restoration.

Because we specialize in collision repair and not restoration work, the lite restoration work at our shop requires a specific type of customer and we don't accept just any car.  Call us to talk about your project and see if our workload will allow us to do your lite restoration.


Computerized Estimating There is a difference between lite restoration and frame off restoration work.

Full restoration work involves completely dis assembling the entire vehicle, bagging and tagging the parts.  Doing the work and then putting everything back together.  Lite restoration is work is simply staying on the outside panels of the car.