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Collision Repair Apex, Raleigh and Cary NC.

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Collision repair body shop for Apex and Cary NC.   919.363.7995

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Insurance Contracts?

Direct Repair, PDR, DR, Preferred Shops, Blue Ribbon shops or whatever the Insurance Companies call them.  It’s a fancy word for “Shops that will give us something in return for the work”, it’s a conflict of interest.  “We don’t contract, but we do work with the Insurance Company”

How can a body shop advocate the needs of it’s customers/cars while maintaining a contract with the insurance company.  PDR, DR, Preferred Shops, Blue Ribbon Shops that maintain contracts are subject to the terms or whims (AKA Concessions) of the Insurance Company.

Contracts with Insurance Companies represent a conflict of interest

How can we accurately and fairly represent you if we have a contract with a 3rd party who is not you.

Our contract is with you, we represent you when dealing with the insurance company.

Body shops who have these cannot truly represent the customer/car properly when they are subject to a 3rd party agreement.  They are first and foremost subject to the Insurance Company.

We do handle all major insurance claims, but we do it as an independent shop who first represents the customer/policy/claimant holder.

Contrary to popular belief, you have many rights as the car owner.  We protect your rights without being restricted by a Direct Repair Contract.

Insurance Companies frequently ask or demand discounts from these so called preferred shops, discounts that can be passed on by cheaper parts, skipped steps in the repair process, inferior materials or sometimes even inferior workmanship.

Believe it or not, you can ball your fist up and demand your choice in a body shop regardless of price.  Demand quality and a enthusiastic advocate to make sure your car is repaired correctly and repaired using OEM/Factory specs.

Remember, take your car to an Independent who will accurately represent your needs as a customer and your car as a manufactured product.  Cars are manufactured with strict quality controls and many thousands of specifications.