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Simple Work Flow

Design Work

Designed from scratch websites and logos.  Custom sites are usually more expensive than common ones, but with our low overhead, we beat common sites.

Search Position

Published and add additional content on a set schedule, we use this content to target your bread and butter searches, create value for your new customers and an asset for your business.

Phone Calls

New customers find you in all the top search engines then call to request your products or services.  Your website generates more business and grows your customer base.

Your Return on Investment

Grow Sales

Finding new customers is the greatest challenge for most service businesses. If people don't call, you don't make money. It's one of the most frustrating things for a service business, waiting for that phone to ring. Each new customer has the potential to bring a lifetime of revenue.

Peace of Mind

Let go of the worry "Is the website good enough to do its job?, can we keep it maintained? Is there someone available to talk to about it? Will they be there when we need them? How much traffic do we get? Can people find us in a search using our target keywords?".


Because all our services can be added and removed, mixed and matched based on your needs, budget and long term business goals, it gives you the freedom and flexibility needed to maintain your budget and the confidence to see that success is within reach.  You can finally say "websites done!".

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Basic mobile friendly is a trade off with usable screen space but it can also be a more affordable solution for very tight budgets, responsive designs are the future and use all avalable screen space for the device used.  Small to mid sized service businesses need website and search engine love to.  Get small business rates with big business services.

Does your web company let you:  Completely redesign each year if neccessary with no additional cost? Text your web master 24/7?  Allow you unlimited Photos?  Unlimited content?  Make special requests at no addition charge?   

It's time we talked...

Some of the Service Business Industries we Serve

Coffee Houses

Coffee House

As coffee lovers, we love to design, manage and position for search coffee shop websites to grow their customer base, and increase their circle of influence within their local area. If you offer foods, lunch or even dinining, people will travel farther, passing other coffee shops along the way.

Coffee Houses


Locksmiths choose us for design and search engine optimization, and value national search exposure, states and as we get states for them we begin to targeting local cities. Choosing their exposure, they can also choose their budget by adding or removing services.

Coffee Houses

Custom Body Shops

Custom body shops like the custom nature of their website, and that we dont limit the creativity of their design. With year end updates, we can redesign based on current needs and market trends. Technology changes fast, year end updates change with them.

Coffee Houses

Collision Repair

We understand body shop, we were shop owners too. We understand your needs and have the website features you need.

Coffee Houses

Auto Service

Auto repair shops need search engine love to. Get "Safety Inspections (your city here)" searches, or "Engine Repair Shop (your city here), get "timing belt replacements (your city here) and other important searches that bring in business.

Coffee Houses

Home Cleaning

Small home cleaning business, established already and need to rethink your website or just getting started on a budget and need to break into the search engines, either way we help. Grow your search presents and grow your customer base.

Coffee Houses

Barber Shops

Single location barber shops and multi location shops. We position our service business clients in the search egnines to get your phone ringing and help you grow.

Coffee Houses

Vape and Tobacco

We custom design your website around you and your business, we dont fit your business into an existing design unless you see one of our samples and fall in love.

Coffee Houses

What's Your Industry?

Tell us what Industry you're in so we can better understand your needs.

Choosing the Right Plan is the Secret

Choosing the right maintenance plan is the key to a productive website, a budget you can live with and grow with. Most clients start with something fundamental and increase their budget as they begin to understand the value of what we offer. Ultimately our goal is the success in your small business effort by growing your customer base and making your website a profit center. A productive site is critical in today's Internet economy. Word of mouth referrals are good, but more irons in the fire is better.

Our Most Common Plans


Hosting, File Maintenance, Domain Protection

The web files need to be placed on a computer in order to be viewed online, these computers are leased and require maintenance on occasion and your domain needs to be protected so you dont loose it.

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Includeds:   Basic plus we add Content Managment and Year End Updates.

Using this plan we help you grow your content, help you get your message out about your products and services.  This also helps to position your website for search.

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All In

Includes:  Basic + Growth and then we add Year End Updates to the package of services.

Year end updates keep your website up to date.  This plan allows you to do it and because it's included in your monthly, it feels free.

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Add On's

Any of our services can be added or removed

At the end of your billing cycle we can add or remove services based on your needs and goals.  We always have recomendations but ultimatly its your budget and not ours.

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Portfolio, Samples and Proofs

When we create a custom/exclusive design for you, we publish to our samples server first, this allows you to view, click and comment on your design.  You can even approve your design from your web browser.  This allows you to get a live look and feel for the design (not the content), content is added after the design has been approved.  Sometimes we do a sample for a new Industry we are tapping, discounts can be had if you are a client in an Industry we are interested in.
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