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Collision Repair Apex, Raleigh and Cary NC.

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Collision repair body shop for Apex and Cary NC.   919.363.7995

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Never had a conversation with someone who was excited about an accident, doesn't matter who’s fault it was, it’s not a process customers enjoy.  

The insurance claims process in a body shop can be a confusing process for someone who just want to get their car fixed and get back to life as usual.  That’s the purpose of this section, it’s to help our customers get a better understanding of how the process works, get them additional information that can clear up confusion and pro actively answer questions before you even have to ask.

That’s why we created this section, it’s an ongoing and growing resource for our current customers and new customers who find us in Apex, Cary and Raleigh.  We created this section for you, to help you understand and to get you in and out of the shop as fast and as informed as possible.

Information that will help you understand the collision repair and claims process

What you can expect, what information you need, what are cycle times (deadlines?) And other information that will help ease the pain of getting your car repaired in a body shop.