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Collision Repair Apex, Raleigh and Cary NC.

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Collision repair body shop for Apex and Cary NC.   919.363.7995

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It’s important to you of course because you need your car, the Insurance Company doesn't need the car, but odds are, your in a rental, so its costing them $30 to $45 a day in rental car fee’s.  So yes, everyone needs the car back.  

The best shops in North Carolina use a simple math formula for targeting a completion date.  Total hours estimated, divided by how many hours per day they expect to be able to work on the car (they eat lunch too).  Also know as a product rate, most range from 3 - 5 hours per day.  

So the math would go like this:

50 estimate labor hours / 4 hours per day = 12.5 Days.

If we don't count the day it’s dropped and the day its picked up when finished, your estimated time in shop would be 12.5 Days.

What does the term “Cycle Time” mean as a customer?

Basically how long will it be before anyone gets the car back from the collision repair, parts gathering, painting and the clean up process.

It’s how long it takes for you or the Insurance Company to get the car back.

In a perfect world, we could set cycle times in stone but, we all know this isn't a perfect world so it’s wise for you to build in some flexibility.  Also note the more hours estimated, the more chance this imperfect world will effect your target date and the more flexibility you will need to maintain your sanity.

Target dates are rarely missed, particularly after the work has begun, the damage is better assessed when we can get behind fenders and doors and parts are confirmed.  In some cases, parts must be back ordered.

Insurance companies understand cycle times and build in their own flexibility into the entire process.

So let us worry about cycle times and deal with your insurance company with estimated deliver dates, enjoy your rental and relax, we will take care of the rest.